Global WiFi Roaming for Science, Research & Education.

an ASNET-AM Service

Eduroam. AM 

   Wireless technologies are now essential in most scientific, research and educational environments since they provide mobility of users between several locations. 

  Eduroam.AM service is coordinated by ASNET-AM, and supports a global WiFi roaming enviroment between Armenian research organizations. At the same time Eduroam.AM is integrated with the European and worldwide eduroam initiatives. This roaming enviroment is based on a service policy and a set of technologies that allow mobile users to get Internet connection across different organizations joined to Eduroam. The main goal is roaming users can have a set of services that allow them to work accesing home and local services. 

Goals of Eduroam.AM:
  • To stablish a national WiFi roaming infrastructure for centers joined to ASNET-AM, working as a common repository of problems and solutions.
  • To develop a common service policy for WiFi roaming and alined with this policy at european level.
  • To align national WiFi roaming technologies and solutions with european and international ones.
  • To develop an information service infrastruture that helps WiFi roaming users to find useful information for connecting or accesing local services.
  • To spread information about WiFi roaming: manuals, standars, solutions, etc.
  • To promote, at national and international level, new solutions and initiatives that are being developed by ASNET-AM.