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Configuring iPhone/iPod Touch for Eduroam


  • Software Configuration

The following instructions apply to to using the Eduroam wireless service on iPhone / iPod Touch.

1. Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi


2. In the "Choose a Network..." section, click Other...


3. Complete the "Other Network" screen as detailed in the table below with your Eduroam username and password and then click "Join"


4. If you are within range of the eduroam wireless services, you will be prompted to accept a secure certificate. Click Accept here.


5. You should now see a tick next to the eduroam Wireless network as below. This indicates that you have connected successfully.


6. If you have previously connected to the MuWLAN SSID with your iPhone, you may wish to "Forget this Network" so that your iPhone won't attempt to connect to this anymore. To do this, Navigate to Settings->WiFi->MuWLAN and click "Forget This Network"



If you have any problems in connecting to eduroam, contact technical support team of your institution.